Roma, Pontificio Istituto Orientale, foto del convegno GRAC tenutosi nell'anno 2009


ʿAbdisho bar Berīkā (Ebedjesu), I fondamenti della religione. «Kitāb uṣūl al-dīn», Introduzione, testo critico arabo e traduzione italiana a cura di Gianmaria Gianazza, introduzione alla visione teologica di ʿAbdisho a cura di Pier Giorgio Gianazza (Bologna: CreateSpace, 2018), ISBN 978-1985252790.

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The Christian religion cannot be denigrated... I will show in this book, with the help of the Lord of lords, the truth of those opinions and beliefs, and the preciousness of the foundations of the truths and useful things contained therein, so that the error of those who refute their truth, without reflection and examination, may be manifest and be true for those who believe and accept them that, if taken into account, are devoid of errors and mistakes. (from the beginning of the work)

Mirabile synthesis of the Christian faith written in prose rhymed by the metropolitan bishop of Nisibis 'Abdisho bar Berīkā (Ebedjesu) (1250ca-1318)

By ʿAbdisho bar Berīkā (Ebedjesu) see also (theological writings by Abdisho - مؤلفات دينية لعبديشوع) «Scritti teologici di Ebedjesu)

كتاب فرائد الفوائد في أصول الدّين والعقائد

خطبة في التثليث والتّوحيد

أمانة مار عبديشوع