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Cover PCAC 23

ʿAmr ibn Mattā al-Ṭirhānī, Notizie dei patriarchi della Chiesa dell'Oriente dal libro «al-Miǧdal» 

(Aḫbār faṭārikah kursī al-mašriq min kitāb al-Miǧdal)


Tomo 2: da Īšūʿ bar Nūn (m. 828) a ʿAbdīšūʿ ibn al-Muqlī (m. 1148)

testo critico arabo e traduzione italiana

a cura di Gianmaria Gianazza

Edizioni del Gruppo di Ricerca Arabo-Cristiana, Bologna 2022, p. 474

أخبار فطاركة كرسي المشرق من كتاب المجدل

ISBN: 9791280091031

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The work reports the initial spread of Christianity in Mesopotamia and Persia up to China.
This is the historical part (the fifth chapter of the fifth section) of a larger encyclopedic work in seven sections and thirty chapters, entitled Al-Miǧdal li-l-istibṣār wa-l-ǧadal ("the tower for reflection and the discussion "), written by ʿAmr ibn Mattā al-Ṭirhānī (XI s.). The historical part represents about 19% of the entire work and uses previous Syriac sources: it is a different drafting from that made in the 14th century. from Ṣalībā ibn Yūḥannā al-Mawṣilī [cf. I libri dei misteri (Kitāb asfār al-asrār), introduzione, traduzione, note e indici a cura di Gianmaria Gianazza, (Rome: Aracne, 2017)] number 12 of the same PCAC series.
The news of the patriarchs is preceded by news about the Apostles and the seventy disciples, and is interspersed with news about contemporary historical events.
This is the second of two tomes