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Cover PCAC 31
Cover of PCAC 31

ʿAmr ibn Mattā al-Ṭīrhānī (XIs), Il Libro della Torre. «Kitāb al-Miǧdal», testo critico arabo e traduzione italiana della sezione III a cura di Gianmaria Gianazza.


Encyclopedic work in seven sections and in thirty chapters, whose al-miǧdal title means «La Torre», drawn up by ʿAmr Ibn Mattā al-Ṭīrhānī (11th century).
In the introduction and in sections I and II (in total 4 chapters) published in PCAC 29 the author faces the "building" and in the first chapter (the top) deals with the unity of God, its essence and its attributes; In the second chapter (the foundation) the humanity and divinity of Christ and in the third (the construction) the Trinity.
In this second volume containing section III (the columns) for a total of 4 of the 30 chapters the author faces 1) the baptism, 2) the sacrifice, 3) the Gospel and 4) the cross.