Roma, Pontificio Istituto Orientale, foto del convegno GRAC tenutosi nell'anno 2009


La letteratura arabo-cristiana e le scienze nel periodo abbaside (750-1250 d.C.). Atti del 2º convegno di studi arabo-cristiani, Roma 9-10 marzo 2007, a cura di Davide Righi, 331p, 2nd edition Bologna 2017, $ 17.50 isbn 978-1534769410

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Papers presented include:

M. Galizia, The Koran and the Syriac Christian tradition (it); B. Pirone, The emergence of Islam in the Works of three Arab-Christian writers (it); V. Berti, The Role of the Ba Shosh School in the Syriac Tradition and on Early Arabic Literature (it); S. Santoro, The Expression of the Syro-Oriental Church in the Thought of Timotheus the First (728-823) (it); D. Righi, The Evolution of Christology in the Theology of Abraham from Tiberias (it); P. Pizzo, The Religious Geography of Edessa at the time of Abu Qurrah (it); S.K. Samir, The Christian influence upon the Cultural Revolutions in Baghdad (it); W. Nasry, The Place of Reason in an Early Arab-Christian and Muslim Dialogue (en); R. Budelli, The Epistle of Hunayn Ibn Ishaq and its Critique in Arabic Sources (it); O. Lizzini, “Creation” in Yahya Ibn ‘Adi (it); C. Baffioni, The so-called «mawjudat» in Yahya Ibn ‘Adi (it); I. Zilio-Grandi, The «kitab tahdhib al-akhlaq» by Yahya Ibn ‘Adi (it); A. Wadi, Arabic recensions of Paul from Tamma’s Life (it); P. La Spisa, Indirect and New Direct Manuscript Sources for Theological work of Sulayman al-Gazzi (it); M. De Ghantuz Cubbe, Some traces of theological activity in maronite environment during first years of 13th century: Thomas of Kafartab (it).