Abramo di Tiberiade, Dialogo con l'emiroʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Hā­ši­mī. Un dialogo islamo-cristiano ambientato a Gerusalemme agli inizi del IX secolo, testo critico arabo tratto dall'edizione a cura di Giacinto Boulos Marcuzzo, pienamente vocalizzato, introdotto, tradotto, con note ed indici a cura di Davide Righi. Prefazione di Bartolomeo Pirone (Bologna: CreateSpace, 2018).

476 pages, ISBN: 978-1985205642

Arabic text and italian front page translation.

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حوار مع الأمير عبد الرحمان الهاشميّ

حوار إسلامي مسيحي في القدس في بداية القرن التاسع

Famous account of an Islamic-Christian dialogue attributed to the monk Abraham of Tiberias held in the ninth century in Jerusalem.

Although with Elements that may call into Question its Historicity, the Work reflects a Dialogue that was truly held in Jerusalem in the early Decades of the ninth Century in the Presence of Muslim Authority and Muslim Sages. The dialogue was very well known during Middle Ages and was widely copied and transmitted.